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Lunchtime at Harden Grange

Lunchtime crop

For neighbours Judy, Gloria, Marion and Edie, one of the best things about living at Harden Grange is coming together to enjoy a homemade lunch every day.                         

“We have our usual table where we sit and lunch is always a very social occasion. The girls and I have a good chat over our meals. We talk about a whole host of topics, but mostly about our families and all the happenings in the local area,” said Judy.                                                        

Gloria says this daily ritual is something she really looks forward to.                               

“When I first moved here, I felt a little lonely, but coming to the dining room has been a wonderful way to meet new friends. I’m certainly not lonely anymore!”

Marion and Edie both enjoy the atmosphere of the dining room, saying there’s always a positive energy at mealtimes.                        

“Chef Doug and his team are always checking we’re happy with our lunches”, she says.

“There’s so much variety in the menu. I’d reached a point living on my own where I wasn’t cooking full meals for myself, but now I’m enjoying three nutritious meals every day, plus Doug’s baked treats for morning and afternoon tea. We’re actually very spoilt!”

Two of their favourite meals from this season’s menu are fish and chips and lamb cutlets served with fresh vegetables.

 “My family always had a tradition of having fish on a Friday and it’s lovely that I can still enjoy this at Harden Grange every week.”

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