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Meet Doug, our chef who cooks with care and passion

Chef Doug compress

Doug initially trained as a chef in the Royal New Zealand Air Force before relocating to Australia.

He is a welcomed face around our community and is always up for a chat. He likes to know residents feel nurtured and cared for even when he’s not around – leaving extra baked goods in the fridge to enjoy any time!

What do you love most about what you do?

Creating a sense of home. I love interacting with residents, checking that they’re enjoying their meals and getting their feedback on the menu. If I notice someone hasn’t eaten their full serving, I offer them something else. I like to know what they like or want in the moment, so I can respond straight away.

Why did you choose to work in aged care?

Food is a big part of a resident’s day and contributes to their overall enjoyment and wellbeing. I love that I can be a part of this. Knowing residents look forward to my morning teas and meals makes me happy and I love seeing the satisfaction on their faces.

Why is Harden Grange so special?

Here, we’re all one big team working together. We use local suppliers, make as much from scratch as possible, cater for allergies, and allow residents to choose when and where they want to eat. It’s much more personalised – and just like home.

To find out more about our welcoming community, call our friendly admissions team on (02) 5330 8000 or emailing