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Returning home to Harden means the world to local resident, Gloria

Gloria Corey 1

Since opening its doors in January, the newly renovated Harden Grange Aged Care Community has warmly welcomed 23 residents.

Most of these are returning locals who have been overjoyed to return to the Hilltops Region.

For resident, Gloria Corey, being able to call Harden home once again means everything.

“I used to live in the Retirement Village here but moved to Port Macquarie to live with my son, Trevor. When my care needs increased, I had to move to an aged care community in Port Macquarie because there was no aged care community in Harden,” said Gloria.

“When my son told me that Harden Grange was opening and I could move back home, I was so happy! I’m very attached to this beautiful area. There’s nothing like living where you were raised.”

Gloria moved to Harden Grange in February and has wasted no time in making this community feel like home.

“I can spend my day any way I like. After all, at almost 96 years old, I should be able to make my own decisions! The staff here support me to remain as independent as possible, and they care for me so wonderfully,” Gloria said.

A regular visitor to Harden’s on-site hairdressing salon, Gloria also loves spending time in the café, in one of the sunny courtyards or enjoying meals with other residents in the dining room.

“We’re lucky to have so many welcoming spaces here to use as we wish. And the food is freshly made here, too. I especially love the sweets!”

From her private suite, Gloria enjoys sweeping views over the surrounding hills and can even see her former unit in the Retirement Village.

“I spent five very happy years in that unit, and I love being able to look out of my window and see it now. I have visits from my old neighbours there, Peggy and Judy.

“Harden Grange is a safe, welcoming and familiar place to live. I really do feel like I’ve come home.”

At Harden Grange, we love making residents feel at home. To find out more about our welcoming country-style community, please contact our friendly team by calling (02) 5330 8000 or emailing